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My name is Angela.  I am a Mum of four and a Primary School Teacher who is extremely passionate about providing mental health support to both adults and young people.  I took a personal interest in this area four years ago and since then I have improved my understanding through various training opportunities and as a result I have developed my expertise further in this field.  I have worked with children for over 19 years but in recent years especially the struggle with mental health has become very prevalent for all people including children.


Advances to society over recent years and changes to values and culture including the use of social media has had an impact on lots of people.  Now more than ever before there is a significant need to provide people with tools and techniques to allow them to manage their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and take ownership of their health and wellness.


Over recent years I have experienced my own personal transformation in increasing my confidence and self-belief. I was very shy as a child and I know that the tools that I have access to now would have been life changing if they were available to me earlier in life and this is why I feel so strongly about supporting well-being from childhood upwards.  The school curriculum is evolving to recognise the need for children to be empowered and to develop a growth mindset.


"Be you to Blossom" has come to be because I feel empowered to offer support, encouragement and motivation to people and children allowing each and everybody the opportunity to flourish and blossom into their best selves.

Twitter @beyoutoblossom

The courses and sessions that I offer are designed for children and young adults aged from 4 to 13 years.  They will provide support for self esteem and will assist in improving levels of confidence and self-worth. 


 A typical session fuses creativity and mindfulness with activities and tools to show children and young adults ways that they can help to regulate emotions, reducing anxiety and stress.    Sessions can be adapted and delivered to small groups, school groups, staff groups, family groups or even on a 1.1 basis.

For further information or to discuss your specific requirements then please contact me :


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All sessions can be customised depending on individual  groups, ages (from 4 to 13 years)  and for specific needs but these are some of the key areas :


  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Being uniquely you

  • Having an attitude of gratitude

  • Kindness is key

  • Expressing feelings and exploring emotions

  • Managing stress and finding your inner calm

  • Bouncing back and being resilient

I have an accreditation as a "Confident Hearts Creative Well-being and Mindfulness Coach" and I can offer workshops based on this programme or with an infusion of my own learnings alongside. I can also cater for individual requirements with the ultimate aim of reducing stress and anxiety amongst young people.  For your specific needs please contact me to discuss.



This is an example of an ongoing/continually developing child-led project to support well-being and collaboration whilst having positive benefits on mental health and bringing the community together too.

The garden has been developed using learnings and ideas from my mindfulness and mindset sessions in class. 

The children now have a 'quiet and calm' area away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. This area can also be used for nuture groups and even class lessons.

Thanks to everyone involved at Ysgol Estyn, Hope -
(Children, staff, parents and donators)

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"The word grateful has now become incorporated in my son's vocabulary since he has been doing the programme. He has really enjoyed doing it"

Rachel -Brandon's Mum

“My 7 year old is very confident and care free, he really enjoyed the Droplet Activities. It’s provided him with the skills to be able to express himself, and deal with any emotion he is feeling. Especially in these unusual times. It’s important for children to know that ALL feelings are ok!”

Jenn - Senna's Mum

"My son can sometimes struggle with his emotions, Be To You Blossom and The Droplets have been amazing for him during the pandemic - Angela and the droplets have helped him work out his emotions and therefore help him process them! The exercises Angela has given have been a massive hit in our house."

Natalie - Dyfan's Mum

"During this lockdown we have had lots of fun with the pink Droplet, focusing on acts of kindness 💞 lockdown's been hard for us both & homeschooling has been tough, but I've found it a fun and productive thing for us both to focus on 💞 We are about to start Purple power next 💜💪🏼 We love the droplets ❤️❤️❤️"

Genna - Warren's Mum

"My daughter really enjoyed working on the Droplet activities this term. She sometimes finds it hard to express how she feels, but this really helped. She always got excited about doing the tasks, and talked about them afterwards. It gave her the tools to understand and talk about her different feelings. Thanks, Be You To Blossom!"
Cath - Guinevere's Mum

"Absolutely amazing is the reaction I had from both of my two young girls Seren and Mali from doing a range of activities through the Droplets. It has built their confidence up with what you would think may be small things but actually are a big part of young children's everyday lives. Im so grateful for Angela taking her time to help and support both of my girls. They get so excited when I mention the words Droplets"

Gemma - Mali & Seren's Mum

An emotional well-being and mindfulness concept that has been created to support younger children in boosting their confidence and self-esteem whilst enhancing their social skills. The Droplet characters have been developed in a creative way to provide tools and techniques to engage and support children, encouraging resilience and fostering positive social relationships.


Feelings and emotions will be explored through the characters , such as frustration, anger, fear, anxiety and sadness. The Droplets explore common  feelings, thoughts and concerns that children experience in a relatable and empathic way.


Each droplet will pose questions and things to consider with some usable tools that the children can apply to support themselves.


In Schools/Classrooms

Outdoor Projects

Distance Learning/Online Learning Packages

Parental/Staff Support Materials

Support Resources for families

For further information or to request a pre recorded video sample/lesson plan then please contact me.



Wrexham LL12, UK


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